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Intro to Pickleball Class

The Intro to Pickleball Class is ideal for beginners and those seeking a better grasp of the game. It's a great opportunity to meet fellow newcomers to Pickleball. In this class, you'll learn the rules, meet beginners, and acquire the essential skills for proper gameplay. Advanced Beginner Group Clinic:


In this “Intro” class, players will:

  • Learn Genes 4 rules of Pickleball
  • Meet fellow beginners
  • Learn all the tools needed to play the game the right way
  • 60 min of practice/learning + 30 min of gameplay

It consists of 60 minutes of practice and learning followed by 30 minutes of gameplay. Offered on Saturday and Sunday mornings, it's recommended to take twice before graduating.

Qualifications to join the Class:

  • A positive attitude
  • Proper Court attire/sneakers

Offered Various Week Days- Check Court Reserve for Schedule


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Events @ the dpc

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